Our Success Story

The Pulaski Free Clinic provides outstanding primary medical care to residents of Pulaski County who have no health insurance, are not served by Medicare or Medicaid and who cannot otherwise afford access to health care services on their own. Patients are seen free of charge by participating medical specialists in the community.

The clinic was founded in 1984 by Phillip Sadler and a handful of community leaders who believed that everyone had the right to receive medical care. The clinic has grown from its early days of providing service once a week in a church basement to its now respected position in the community. In 2011, the clinic moved to its permanent location at 25 4th Street, NW, in the building where Dr. Hylton had his practice in Pulaski.


Each year, the Free Clinic provides care for between 500 and 600 individual residents of Pulaski County. Last year, the Free Clinic provided primary healthcare at the rate of 2000 patient visits. Each week, as many as 10 people apply to become new patients of the Clinic. No eligible person is turned away. The Clinic sees patients three to four days each week and it is not unusual to see 15 to 20 patients per day. The Clinic is staffed by a part-time physician and a part-time nurse practitioner. In addition, licensed physicians and nurse practitioners regularly donate their time to see patients. The support staff of 2 part-time and 3 full-time members work diligently to provide the most professional environment for our patients.  During the past year, professional and lay volunteers contributed $150,000 in in-kind service hours to ensure that Clinic patients received the healthcare services that they needed. 


The market value of the medical services provided by the Clinic during fiscal year 2017-2018 was over 3 million dollars. The clinic’s small, resourceful staff and the hard-working volunteers translated each dollar granted to the clinic into $12.00 in medical services.  This value is the very picture of the Clinic’s stewardship of its resources.


The Clinic is always working toward higher standards of care. This past year, we transitioned to the use of electronic medical records, which has served to provide a much more thorough and meticulous approach to patient care. Also, the clinic established a program with Martin's Pharmacy which has allowed patients to receive urgently needed medications immediately, without the usual wait time involved with our Medication Assistance Program.

The need for dental care is a major health concern for many of our patients. In order to address those needs, the clinic has coordinated with numerous local dentists to provide low-cost dental assistance for our patients. 


The clinic is committed to keeping its expenses as low as possible while continuing to provide outstanding medical care for Pulaski County’s uninsured.